Le terroire c´est moi

How does terroir define us?

But let me define terroir first. It is the French term to describe the environmental factors that affect the phenotype, including unique environment contexts, farming practices and a specific growth habitat. It is more than soil. It includes weather, climate, water, and more. The context of the term is a horticultural one. And because I am originally educated as a horticultural engineer, I wanted to investigate how terroir defines me.

For my whole life I have been working with my hands in the soil. I was out in the fields. And gardening was and is a hobby. This must have had some influence. So I started from the bottom, that is the soil. From there I will work on other elements, or better: the elements. In an attempt to visualize the terroir that made me what I am now. It is a challenge for certain. As photography is about the outside and terroir is in essence about the inside. Like words and their meaning. This project will be one of my on going projects for the coming years.